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Transforming cultures and systems for teaching, learning, and leading.

I design professional learning experiences for school leaders, instructional coaches, and teachers to expand mindsets and develop skills that impact teaching and learning.  My approach is personalized, student-centered and research-based.

One small change can be the stimulus for greater ones. –The Butterfly Effect



Enhance, develop or rethink your school-wide approach to SEL.

  • Take a school-wide approach to Social and Emotional Learning

  • Adopt a standards-based approach to developing SEL curriculum

  • Program audit to look for gaps, redundancies and connections related to SEL

  • Build capacity as skilled advisors and trusted adults 

  • Design for belonging and membership through programs like Advisory

  • Engage the parent community in the school-home partnership for SEL

  • Social Emotional Learning Walks to look for evidence of impact in all aspects of the school

  • Collaborate with counselors as partners in SEL

Social & Emotional Learning

tran le tuan phot.jpg

Build partnerships, plant seeds,
nurture ideas, and watch
the garden grow.

Instructional Coaching

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Historical Landmark

See your organization from a bird’s eye view.

  • Organizational culture and operationalizing mission and values

  • Understanding change theory as it applies to change leadership

  • Planning and facilitating effective meetings and agenda design

  • Applying principles of adult learning to plan high impact professional learning for staff

  • Decision-making processes

  • Embedding inclusive practices to promote belonging

  • Strategic planning

  • Action planning

  • Leadership retreats

  • Presentational skills

  • Managing Conflict

Organizational Leadership

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Add to the tools
in your toolbox

  • Leading a culture for change

  • Leadership development and skill building

  • Developing high performing teams

  • Embedding inclusive practices to promote belonging

  • Peer coaching

  • Effective feedback

  • Action planning

  • Decision making

  • Managing conflict

  • Presentational skills

  • Planning and facilitating effective meetings

Middle Level Leadership

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