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360 Reviews

From international schools ISB-Beijing and BFIS-Barcelona,

The College of New Jersey instructor feedback forms, and client satisfaction surveys.

“Kristine strives to assist teachers in
making the strongest possible impact on student learning. Her work fully supports our strategic plan. She is sensitive to the needs of teachers and does what she can in helping achieve these goals.”
 “Kristine was extremely professional, organized, responsive, and enthusiastic about core concepts tied into effective school leadership. She modeled what an effective school leader looks like!" 
“I truly enjoy working with Kristine, especially when trying to find solutions to the challenges we face with curriculum work. She is very positive and always connects her ideas to research or best practices.”
“Kristine has used different models to facilitate meetings. Her meetings are succinct and professional. I am always impressed with how approachable she is to talk about issues teachers are having and provide a helping hand.”
“Kristine is an open and clear
communicator. She is friendly and
supportive on both a personal and
professional level. I have seen her
exercise patience with those who need it and I have seen her be firm, but always kind.”
“Kristine has been instrumental in our adoption of our new standards in middle school. She has assisted in and led the curriculum review process for my team. She has aided our group with the new
standards based reporting, especially the shift in rubric language and set up. She has helped me, as Curriculum Area
Leader, organize activities for my
department to work towards items on the action plan.”
“I believe strongly that we are in a much better position with our curriculum goals as a result of Kristine’s work and leadership.”
“She is a person who seeks ideas and feedback so she can improve her practice.”

“Kristine is a highly effective facilitator. She has helped guide teams over some bumpy terrain in a level-headed way.”



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