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Are you feeling the pull to shift your career, but need a push? 

  • Are you considering starting your own business but hesitate to take the leap? 

  • Are you dreading your return to work post-maternity leave because you yearn for greater flexibility and autonomy over your time and schedule?

  • Have you faced a lay-off and are eager to turn adversity into opportunity?

  • Is your career on pause and you hesitate to jump back in?

  • Are you thinking about making a professional shift but something is holding you back?


The Leap Year: Practical Advice & Insights for Those Navigating Career Transitions will be the push you need.

Just three months after welcoming her newborn and while on maternity leave, the author faced a pivotal meeting that changed everything. In this book, she candidly shares the lessons learned from turning her maternity leave into a transformative "maternity leap." Follow her year-long journey of personal and professional growth, navigating the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship alongside the joys and complexities of new motherhood. Let this book serve as your guiding light, illuminating the path to creating a life and career on your own terms.


The Leap Year will help you to:

  • Become inspired and empowered to take on new challenges.

  • Learn how to redefine success on your own terms and regain control of your work-life balance.

  • Overcome self-doubt and excuses to achieve your professional goals and dreams.

  • Discover the delicate balance between motherhood and leadership and how to turn your passions into a successful business.

  • Find the courage to face new challenges and turn adversity into opportunity.


What's inside?

  • Candid reflections and lessons learned from the author's own leap into entrepreneurship and motherhood.

  • Practical wisdom and guidance for individuals navigating career changes, whether it's bouncing back from a layoff, starting a new business, transitioning back to work after maternity leave, or seeking a more flexible and fulfilling career path.

  • A companion on your journey, offering inspiration and motivation to overcome obstacles and achieve success on your own terms.


This must-read offers candid reflections, practical wisdom, and guidance for career transitions, especially for women dreaming of launching their ventures. Walk alongside someone who, just like you, understands the challenges and aspirations of balancing motherhood, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.


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